The Project:

1st World Confessions is a participatory space to share your personal experience of the shadow of America and its social, psychological, emotional, and ecological unsustainabilities. We play with and question this sullied notion of “1st World” and speak about the shadow side of our privilege being in the “1st World” not only as a nation, but as privileged people in a privileged nation. Interesting right?


Our medium is video, and our content is your experience. We hope to capture you in a live­filmed ritualistic confessional offering you the chance to (in)vent your critical love for our society, adding your story to a crowd­sourced mosaic of confessionals that will be shared online on various social media channels.


Film is the medium to meme the message. Everything we capture will be curated and presented online to various social media channels under an evolving set of hashtags. We are inviting environmental and social groups from universities, community activists, and anyone else inspired to share their story to contribute a #1stWorldConfessions. Each individual confession will be presented in an intact form, and a compilation video will also be created that tells a larger story of our collective truth telling on each occasion.

The Campaign:

We’re harnessing a global movement through the meme of #1stWorldConfessions to break the trance of business of usual. We use the medium of filmed collective storytelling spread this experience. We invite you and people worldwide to upload their confessions, and to take a stand within the larger media­ecosystem to courageously speak your truth in this time of need. Your contribution just may tip the scale.

The Invitation to Participate:

We will help you discover the message you would like to convey!
So please have the courage to be witnessed, and to share your experience of living in the “1st World.” Please rise to this micro­occasion to share your wisdom and pain for the betterment of our world. You may share as much as you can and we will appreciate every moment of it. You are invited to be brave and to risk even to being a hero. Our goal is to be medicine. Ready? 🙂

Orientation: Please make your communication with these aesthetics in mind:

  • You may pick your topic, but please specify your intended audience as you can speak to anyone who access to the internet. Our goal is to awaken humanity, to get it’s shit together so we can do the hard work to truly all thrive this century and into the deep future.
  •  You matter, your experience matters, your perspectives matter, your voice belongs in our commons.
  •  We are interested in your identity: How you perceive yourself, how you are perceived, your ethnic, cultural, geographic origins, your class experience, your political orientations, the cultural frontiers you explore, and your future, and the futures you see or are building toward.
  •  Please represent who you are
  •  Don’t preach, Keep it Vulnerable.
  •  Use body language.
  •  Trust you unique wisdom.
  •  Anything you have to offer will be greatly appreciated.
  •  Please speak your intersections of care and insight into visibility.
  •  Please take a moment to cohere your body­heart­mind.
  •  Keep it Concise! Aim for a 1­3 minute share.
Goals: We will stimulate global conversations on what civilization should be like; warn countries pursuing “development” that it’s dangerous and to not sacrifice environmental and social integrity in order to reach the “top”: to not tolerate being sacrificed; sharpen our awareness of while processing the collective shadow of America: inspire a global shadow work movement, protect the world from going in the same dead end direction. Our goal is to awaken humanity to get its shit together which means we have to break the trance of business as usual. Thus our words are our medicine as we seek to heal the numbed and broken areas of our world by doing collective shadow work so that we stop the trauma o do this by expressing our connected heartminds on camera to be shared worldwide.

About Our Team: A Collective Awakening

First World Confessions is a boundary-less collaborative project

Armando Davila is a Bay Area hip-hop artist and world dancer, change-maker, and merry activist for the environment and social justice.

Yogi Hendlin is an environmental philosopher working on both theoretical and praxis-oriented projects surrounding the nature of reality and justice as a necessary means and ends to planetary balance.

Republic of Light

President, CEO, Theme UI/UX Designer
Republic of Light is a holistic media collective recreating the form of storytelling. We believe that stories and we as storytellers have the power to illuminate the path of humanity towards transformation. We share original stories to support social needs and document the reality of today for future generations. Our stories talk about coexistence, collaboration, respect for life, manifestations of consciousness and human liberation. The movement is here, now, serving as a vehicle to social paradigm shifts, urging change and evolution.

Kenny Sing

Lead Graphic Designers
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Mitch Skolnik

Community Manager
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