1st World Confessions - Planetary Solidarity

Welcome to 1st World Confessions, where we confront the shadow side of the American Dream for a better world for all.

We’ve all heard of “First World Problems,” but why First World Confessions?

Dedicated to the Spiritual Labor of Revolution

How & Why We Confess


Step 1: Reveal the Problems

We believe the cultural narrative of our society is stuck between several outdated worldviews and practices which are becoming increasingly dangerous and difficult to maintain.

Climate Change and Social Inequality are simultaneously symptoms of our inability to adapt to changing conditions, and foundational problems which interlinked could potentially destroy our evolutionary progress.

Step 2: Take A Stand

As citizens of one of the most powerful and destructive nations in the history of the world, we feel responsible to communicate the suffering that comes with our current civilizational model, and our society’s inability to adapt to the fragilities of biosphere and the scintillating life embedded in it. 

Our intention is to halt the momentum of our over-consumption and warn countries around the world who are copying our nation’s model of unsustainability in a race to “advance” to our “standard of living.”

Step 3: Be Part of the Solution

By confessing we wish to challenge prevailing assumptions that drive others to copy our unsustainable pathway of development, to yearn for our unsettling privileges, and to sacrifice their current modes of being for a carrot on a stick forever out of reach.

We hope to break our own cultural trance, by speaking vision and possibility to facilitate creative resilience where there are entrenched cultural habits.


Interested in this project? Wish to confess and free yourself from the normative self-censorship we’re indoctrinated to believe is necessary? Then join the movement of liberation within and without